Whether indoors or out, the image and perception of your ensemble is set by a combination of all the design elements that go into a modern marching arts production. While the music should always be at the center of your program, the various elements that make up your visual brand can have a huge impact on the quality of your show. Before you play a note, everyone… from judges to parents to other students… is forming an opinion about your group. Making the right design choices will help you make sure that opinion is the best possible.

Tarp Design

For the indoor activity, your set design is your visual palette. It’s your largest design element and will set the tone for your entire production. If you’re painting a tarp, creating a design that both aesthetically interesting as well as easily painted can be a difficult needle to thread. If you’re going to screen print a floor, there are a gamut of design and file considerations to navigate. Especially considering the high cost associated with tarps, making sure that the right choices are made from the beginning is paramount. JJ Visual Design has extensive experience with both options and can help your tarp get from ideation to reality.

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